The Lavender Festival in Provence

Provence is famous all over the world for its beautiful landscapes and particularly its lavender fields. Every year during the blooming season millions of tourists are coming from all over the world to enjoy the scents, landscapes and local culture.
The magnificent July spectacle of purple lavender in the fields around Valensole provides the perfect backdrop for the EU roadshow team to chat with residents about the importance of agriculture as well as local traditions and culture in the region.
One of the most famous lavender festivals in France and indeed worldwide, the lavender festival of Valensole opens its doors to visitors from across the region to explore its picturesque landscape while enjoying free visits to the lavender, sunflower and distilleries fields. The territory around the village, with its lavender fields and almond trees, remains one of the most important agricultural areas of the region.



Lavender blooming season: from mid June to end of July. The festival is held in Valensole every 3rd Sunday of July