Island of Gozo and Comino

Located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea at 35°50’ north, 14°35’ east and, barely bigger than a rock at 316 km², the Maltese archipelago comprises mainly of three inhabited islands: Malta, Gozo, and Comino. Malta is a historically rich and geographically unique travel destination providing sun, sea, and an interesting mixture of cultural heritage for travelers. A land of mythology and great cultural heritage, taking back visitors in the great stories of Homer and his nymph Calypso and to the earliest Gozitans who built the extraordinary ?gantija Temples.

The Maltese islands are host to about 458 medicinal plants, with approximately 300 originating from the Mediterranean region making the islands and particularly Gozo, a true escape for nature lovers.

Gozo – and its tiny sister island Comino – offer some of the best swimming, snorkeling, and diving in the Mediterranean. There are caves to explore (including Calypso Cave), wonderful walks, UNESCO World Heritage sites, dramatic fortifications, and the baroque architecture of the Knights of St John, the famous Knights of Malta.

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Malta, European Union


Gozo – Comino


2 itineraries in Malta


Malta Itinerary Malta’s plant pathways

Malta’s plant pathways



This 3-day itinerary gives visitors the opportunity to study plants and discover the breath-taking sceneries of Gozo and Malta Islands. Visitors will encounter endemic plants, herbs, and wildflowers in their natural environment…

Malta Itinerary Malta's sea and gardens

Malta’s sea and gardens



Perched in the middle of the Mediterranean, the country of Malta is a stunning little archipelago that sits just south of Sicily and just shy of Tunisia to the north. It’s one stunning country to explore, with a whole heap of the best places…