Mowing Grass Days: the traditional Kupres manifestation

The traditional Kupres manifestation “Mowing Grass Days” has long been established as a significant and widely recognized social and cultural event, which still attracts the attention of thousands of visitors, primarily because of the heritage of centuries of maintenance, but also because of the mass, attractiveness and variety of content, and as such it also gives a kind of seal to the beginning of the summer tourist season in Kupres and Herzegovina. Special cultural value is preserved in the manifestation of competition in mowing grass with hand-made tools, as a unique expression of intangible cultural heritage in this region, as well as in other traditional arts, crafts and sports skills related to the ethnography of the Kupres region. Over the last ten years, the event has been expanded by a major International Festival (with CIOFF® certification and sign) that has added international significance and visibility to the overall project globally, being awarded the UNESCO High Patronage as a “Good Practice Example” in 2015- and in 2016.



First Weekend in July